Monday, March 31, 2014

Makeup Station Makeover

I love makeup!  I love makeup of ALL kinds.  I am not a makeup snob,  I have equal amounts of high end and drugstore brands.  I love trying new products, whether a friend suggested something to me, or Ulta has a mega sale on a certain item or if Ipsy sends me something new in my glam bag.  

About 6 months ago, I had to move my makeup to one of my spare bedrooms because my collection was overpowering my tiny bathroom.  One of my storage units literally tipped over from the weight of my collection..  When I moved it in there, this is what it looked like.  

Although it served it's purpose, look how messy it is.  And every time I tried to open the top drawers on the left, the whole cart would start rolling towards me.  Plus, I had to stand to apply my makeup and I'm extremely lazy.  

For months and months, I had my eye on a desk that was at my mom's house.  In my eyes, it was perfect for a makeup station.  The only problem was getting it to my house.  You see, this desk is quite heavy.  Like dead hooker heavy.  My nickname is not Muscles and I wasn't sure who would be able to help me drag it into my house and up the stairs of my 2 story home.  But the stars aligned and baby Jesus smiled upon me and all that good crap.  The desk has arrived!  

Behold!  All my makeup is in or on this desk.  Look how clean, look how organized!  I momentarily struggled with how I was going to organize the drawers and I think I came up with a system that works for me.  

The top drawer on the right had all of my face products (foundations, face primers, setting powders, highlighters and bronzers).  I use these on the daily.  I needed easy access to them.

The next drawer down is where I keep my blushes and my face wipes.  

The last drawer on the right is actually a deep double drawer and this is where I keep all of my cosmetic bags.  I actually have a shit ton of them.  

The middle drawer is for all of my eye liners, eye primers, mascaras and brow powder.  I got the divider trays from the Principal Financial Group when it went out of business.  Office inserts organize makeup wonderfully.  On a side note, I've had that lit makeup mirror for about 15 years now.  

The drawer on the top left is for my cream based shadows, pigments, some single shadows, NYX jumbo pencils and my neutral shadow palettes.  I use the neutral palettes on the regular so they were a top drawer item for me.  

The next drawer needs a little help.  It's all eye shadows.  It includes small palettes and quads.  I will be getting some sort of dividers for these to better organize them.  

The next drawer is for most of my other palettes.  These palettes are more on the travel sized.  I only use these on a semi regular basis so they are fine closer to the floor.  The last drawer at this point is empty.  I'm sure I'll find something to put in there.  

The lip products are what I struggled with the most.  You see, I consider lips to be top drawer too however with my face and eye being towards the top, the only space I had was the bottom drawer and that wasn't going to work for me.  So I opted to keep one of my smaller plastic storage units on top of the desk.  It had 3 drawers allowing me to separate by gloss, pencils and sticks.  

And I kept another even smaller plastic storage unit which includes tinted moisturizers, extra foundations and other tools such as scissors and tweezers.  

I keep my false lashes in there.  
And these are great for all those samples of perfume you get.  

CRAFTY TIME!  I made these brush holders out of Campbell soup cans and scrapbook paper!  Just cut the paper to the height of the can, wrap it around the can and then glue it.  

I have built in shelves in the spare bedroom.  I use this for my perfumes and my big makeup palettes.  P.S.  I AM a perfume snob.  

And lastly, just for shits and giggles, this is the nail polish slash body spray/lotion slash wig part of the spare bedroom.  

So, I love my makeup station.  I love that I haven't had to invest any money in it.  I used stuff that I had or was given to me, including the chair I sit on.  And I can take my old storage unit to the craft room.  I'm excited to be updating my hair station soon.  

I hope you enjoyed my makeup station makeover and I hope my storage solutions were helpful.

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