Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Cookies and Skating

I'm a fan of Valentine's Day.  Not the romantic, cliche part of it.  I don't care about the roses and going out to dinner part of it.  What I like about it is the creative part of it.  Yes, the gift receiving is nice,  (Thanks for the rolling pin, Mom!) but I enjoy decorating, making cookies and especially picking out my attire to celebrate the holiday.  

I loved making Valentine's Day cards when I was a kid.  And as I got a little older, I loved picking out my cards and candy at the store, going through them and giving the best ones to the boys I had crushes on.  I think this spirit has stuck with me which is why I don't get depressed about being single around Valentine's Day.  It has never been a romantic holiday for me; only a fun one!  

I made heart shaped sugar cookies.  My second decent batch, thank you very much!  

I used this recipe for the cookies. Courtney's sugar cookie recipe!   FYI, when using a heart shaped cookie cutter the size that I did, you'll probably only get 14 cookies instead of 18.  

I tried a new recipe for the buttercream frosting.   I got it from this blog--->American Buttercream recipe     It was really good!  

And I used my new hand mixer and it was wonderful!  Thanks again, Dad & Mary!

I also went skating with a group of friends.  Skating is another excuse for me to wear ridiculously fun makeup.  The Makeup Geek website is doing a Valentine's Day look challenge so I wanted to throw my hat in the ring with this look.  

Items used: 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (primer)
NYX milk jumbo eye pencils (base)
Wet N Wild Spoiled Brat palette  (silver on the lid and slightly into the crease)(pink in the crease and in the lower lash line)(black in the outer V and in the upper lash line)
NYX Cherry Single Eye Shadow (blending over the black and into the pink)
NYX Pots and Pans jumbo eye pencils (under the lower lash line)
Urban Decay Zero eye liner 
NYX Mauve pink Roll On Shimmer (over the lower lid and into the crease after makeup applied)
Urban Decay Curling mascara
Scotch Tape (to help get the crisp line in the outer V)

Palladio Bright Red lip liner (all over the lips as a base)
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Dolly Pink

I even got a new sweater, earrings, scarf, headband and rings (all on sale!) to wear.  This was the whole look: 

The skating rink was extremely busy!  It was hard to maneuver around all of those kids.  

Stacy and Aniyah

Jennifer and Miranda

Wendy, skating with Miranda

Josi's Valentine's Day look

Courtney also embraced the holiday with her festive makeup and jewelry!

Aniyah, Josi and Miranda,looking all cute!

I think everyone had a good time even though it was so packed in there.  I hope we can all do this again soon!  


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daisy Birthday Card

My friend Bev's birthday was yesterday.  Happy Birthday, Bev!  I made this card for her last Saturday at that scrapbooking retreat I talked about in my last blog.  

The paper is K&Company: Tim Coffey 12x12 Daisy embossed paper.  Yes, the card is textured.  I'm not typically into daisies but there was something elegant about this paper and I knew at some point I would make it into a card.  

I cut some vanilla colored card stock with straight lines and then I cut down an off white piece of card stock but used crazy scissors for the edges.  

I found the daisy sticker in a package also by K&Company (Wild Saffron Daisies Paper Flowers).  

I found the stamp at Michaels in the $1 bin.  It's by Studio G.  I love these $1 bin stamps.  They stamp surprisingly well and are just so simple.  

I got the "Blowing Birthday Wishes Your Way" stamp from Michaels in one of my birthday stamp sets.  That cute little daisy in the corner is another Michaels $1 bin special (although I think that one might have been more than a $1).  The brand is Inkadinkado in "Daisy".  

So there it is!  I hope you like it.